ArtemesiaBlack Press Kit EPK

Americana Stories in a Musical Landscape

“LOUD thoughts for Quiet People, QUIET thoughts for Loud People”


Description: Americana Music Duo – Story Telling – Theatrical – Soundtracks

What happens when you give quiet introspective stories, to a loud extroverted Musician? The 3rd Album titled Gravity by ArtemesiaBlack is an atmospheric adventure to delight the senses.

ArtemesiaBlack latest release Gravity, is made up of lush harmonies, experimental instrumentation, moody and thoughtful stories explores human consciousness. The lyrics give  introspective glances at both tranquil and turbulent moments of life. How we came to be is a true story of opposites attracting. Our music weaves together diverse experiences into a tapestry of both delicacy and strength. The perfect fabric for anti-mainstream misfits, like us, to wrap themselves in. The songs on Gravity are for contemplation and immersion and to keep at bay, for a moment, the noisy outside world.

We are a husband and wife duo Sabine and Kenny Schick. Our hearts joined from opposite sides of the world, Australia (Sabine) and the USA (Kenny Schick) and we now live and work together in Nashville, TN.

ArtemesiaBlack is:

Sabine Heusler-Schick writes the lyrics, melodies, sings, plays guitar & banjouke, orchestration.

Kenny Schick plays all the music/instruments, orchestration, vocals, produces, records, mixes and masters their recorded projects.


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1. Gravity.

We are all unique but there is one thing that we all have in common – gravity. Gravity is about how we all have flaws, some obvious some not so much, so we should be kinder to each other knowing that we are all but human, bound by something unseen – gravity.

2. Oh No.

Is a song that’s gone through a few changes, it started out being called Hell on Wheels, inspired by the tv show. A song about not letting ‘the man’ break you in being a happy human. I might work hard but there are somethings that you cannot take from me, there is my soul that is only my own.

3. Drive.

Is really about being free and even though we might get ‘left’ by someone we can chose to just move on to another life, another way to be. Drive is both about leaving something bad behind and driving towards something better. It’s kind of a breakup story.

4. Before I met you.

Before you came along I was cool, believe it or not. You would have love me. Sometimes in a relationship we lose the love you once had for one another. A song about remembering when you loved someone, how you felt about them. Being in this relationship has changed both of you for the worse and now you don’t love that person.

5. Devil’s in the Details.

The concept of looking for the fountain of youth, and sometimes things are not as black and white as we’d like them to be.

6. Mercy.

You cannot control nature, nature controls our lives. It’s about spirits that have befallen under the power of mother nature.

7. Stars.

A moment in time when you realize just how small you are in the scheme of things but also how amazing you are, in the scheme of things.

8. Goodbye.

Goodbyes are so hard especially when they are a forever goodbye. The last words I said to my father… “this is the last time I say goodbye” – the words left my mouth and all the lights went out, it was both horrifying and comical at the same time, the last joke we shared.

9. DAWG.

Domestic violence for some, evolves in your relationship and it grows so slowly you don’t even see what it’s become until it’s too late. You can be so distracted to please, you don’t realize it’s consumed you and you don’t exist anymore. It becomes your life. The anger, resentment, disrespect and damage both emotional and/or physical just become part of your world until sometimes it takes everything from you even your life.

10. Love is Slow Motion.

Sometimes love comes slowly, slowly enough to be witness to it, and when you then recall the moment, it was just one little moment in time. Maybe when you are older and love comes new, it comes more slowly and grows more slowly but very strong.

11. Winter.

The tale of this poor woman came one evening, it floated through the open window one cold winter. They would not be forgotten.


“Each song emotes so perfectly with it’s pristine harmonies and exquisite instrumentation. Ethereal, deep and lyrically wise without an ounce of triteness. This album is a true masterpiece!” Richard Adoradio – Hawaii

“Oh my goodness, Kenny & Sabine! You two have surpassed all my expectations and have produced one of the most beautiful albums I’ve heard in a long time… Seriously. Lisa Weitzmann – Bay Area California

“We absolutely heard a very similar spirit! This is personal and unique music that does not long for certain *cliches, sounds, scenes*  but a direct output from the heart, real, what I call *music*! Lord Litter – German DJ

“There is a lovely, gentle haunting in them that echoes in me and compels me to return to them time and again.” Linda Dunjey – Western Australia

“10/10 Their self titled new CD has taken me by surprise and stolen my heart.” Don Sechelski Muses Muse

All music © all rights reserved 2022 Sabine Heusler-Schick & Kenny Schick