“10/10 Their self titled new CD has taken me by surprise and stolen my heart.” Don Sechelski

“I seriously listen to your album every single day… sometimes 4-5 times… it got me through a really rough year.” Brandon Burr PA

“You guys are awe inspiring. Everything was so great! I’m thinkin’ the new ArtemesiaBlack CD is gonna be in the player for a long while!!!” Love ya! xxxooo Chris Jercha CA

“Thank you so much Sabiné! You guys we’re absolutely amazing! My family is still talking about it.. When’s your next show?!” – Kyle

“Oh my goodness, Kenny & Sabine! You two have surpassed all my expectations and have produced one of the most beautiful albums I’ve heard in a long time… Seriously. Your partnership in writing songs of love and loss on “Gravity” is simply amazing. Eric and I are listening right now, so I’m holding you both in my heart. It’s so very hard for me to say which song I like the best – each one takes me on a journey of an artistic landscape. The skilled writing, instrumentation and production are just about perfect, but it’s your seductive vocals that lovingly play and roll over each other that just amaze me. You two are so incredibly talented and I wish you much success with this brilliant collection. And Sabine… your voice is as smooth as silk. WOW!” Lisa Weitzmann CA

ArtemesiaBlack with Bill Atkinson Apple

“Late night heading home from SF on Bart listening to this. Can’t stop listening to Gravity!” – Steve Petulla

“And the Grammy goes to…..! Sweet, Tragic and hauntingly awesome…” uncleDuf

“… we absolutely heard a very similar spirit! .. we like VERY much what we heard! … personal / unique music that does not long for certain *cliches / sounds / scenes* .. but a direct output from the heart … a detail … your voice … has much of *classical* lady singers .. but does not remind on someone .. too many singers today add certain effects to the singing to *fake* feeling … your voice / music creates a *world* .. a real feeling… pictures … !!! … real .. what I call *music*! Lord Litter (German DJ –,,,, and with Meta Georgia – duo with Hilke Hesse)

“What a great show last night!! And it was so wonderful to meet you in person. Just finished listening to your recording this morning, can’t get enough of it, I love it!! It will be a favorite on the iPod.”

“I had such a glorious time at the Pear St. Show! It was better than anything I could have possibly imagined, you really sounded better than ever!” Amie Sue Caplain

“You guys were Amazing!~~~” Steve

“Thank you SO much for the beautiful tracks. Although they are quite different, the feel of both them and their effect on me is similar. There is a lovely, gentle haunting in them that echoes in me and compels me to return to them time and again. You and Kenny do indeed make beautiful music together. Bless you for sharing your gifts with us.” Linda Dunjey Australia

“The first song is a little scary. The second is funny! And the third one is epic. But kind of frightening. And really great music.” Donovan 7 years old