loud thoughts for quiet people
quiet thoughts for loud people

Rather than use the general term ‘Americana’, which seems to include almost anything these days, it seems that ‘feeling’ is a more apt way to describe ArtemesiaBlack’s new lush, cinematic album, ‘Gravity’.

 It is also fitting in that Sabiné Heusler-Schick’s songs are born of feelings and introspective glances into both tranquil and turbulent moments in timelessness. The husband-wife duo was born of a chance meeting between Sabiné Heusler, a German born Australian, and Kenny Schick, a native of the San Francisco Bay Area.

Besides residing on opposite sides of the planet, their backgrounds and life stories were also opposite in many ways: Sabiné is a quiet introvert whose life consisted of constant movement and upheaval. Music and songwriting for her was a quiet and private experience that was savored in alone times (and still is). Kenny is a boisterous extrovert who played several instruments in many bands in front of large crowds and lived the whole of his life in the Bay Area.

A true story of opposites attracting, their music weaves together diverse experiences into a tapestry that has both delicacy and strength, and is a perfect fabric for anti-mainstream misfits to wrap themselves in. It is perfect music for contemplation in one’s own environment. it is music that doesn’t like to compete with the noisy outside world. It is music that loves one on one conversations with people from many walks of life.