We met on New Year’s Eve in 2006, through a mutual friend on the internet. I was in Melbourne Australia, I had broken my leg badly in a skiing accident with my dad and went to stay with my sister for the end of my recovery. I had gone out the night before with my best friend and we were pretty hung over the next day. Kenny had written to me because he was thinking of going to Australia. We had so much in common in what we liked in music and I loved how open and honest he was and said exactly what he thought. It was almost like therapy and we spent months sending each other email after email, some were ridiculously lengthy but it was everyday, then we spoke on the phone and somehow and without intention during that time we fell in love even though we were thousands of miles apart and had never met in person.

During this time perhaps because I felt safe that we were so far apart I’d mentioned I wrote songs too – I knew he was a professional musician and wrote songs and I think I wanted to impress him. He sent me his catalogue of professional cds and I of course panicked. I was in too deep so rather than deal with rejection face to face because we had already talked about him going to Australia. I recorded a bunch of songs, including a song I wrote about us called ‘Wires’ onto a cassette tape. Yes a cassette tape in 2006. A warbled, recorded a million times over to get it as perfect as I could, tape. I expected him to think I was a complete amateur (because I was) and I thought he’d be kind but basically tell me I was terrible and then we’d never speak of it again and he would never make me play for him live. It took Kenny 2 weeks to find a cassette player to play it on, I think he was stalling too because he thought I might suck too. I was expecting complete rejection and I was cool with that. His reaction was completely opposite and I did not see it coming at all. He gushed about each song and said how much he loved the songs and my voice and even the odd way I played. It was quirky and cool he thought.

Once we had decided we might give ‘us’ a go which of course meant one of us go to a new country, I imagined helping Kenny do his thing, his music as I am quite happy being behind the scenes. I imagined helping him with management and graphics as I really am quite petrified of performing. So when he suggested he record my songs I was at first confused as I had never really thought about performing or being a for real musician or artist. The thought was rather terrifying if not for the opening of a door to share my thoughts about things that really matter to me. Strong views on equality and finding happiness and standing up for rights for everyone and fighting for the underdog. I had always been unconfident and shy and soft spoken so performing was not something I thought I could do. I did take acting classes once because I thought it would help my shyness and teach me to talk louder – it didn’t. So here was this guy kind of telling me this was going to be my life now. I kind of thought well why not lets see what happens.

Kenny packed up his life, bought his mobile recording rig to Australia and move straight in with me. What could go wrong? It could have gone either way. It went pretty well although I think coming from the area he grew up in and having so many friends, going to knowing no one was pretty scary. We recorded our first album in our apartment and Kenny also recorded other people there too. Then 8 months later it all got a bit too much, his dad wasn’t doing well either and he went back. We were both heartbroken. We were apart for 18 months and went back to emailing everyday and talking on skype trying to figure out what we had and what we wanted to do.

I decided to just go to the US and see what might happen there. I packed up my life, left my family and friends and after two weeks of arriving, we toured the US. Kenny had gotten a gig at the Blue Bird in Nashville so we figured why not make a tour of it and added a bunch of other states traveling from California through Utah, Kansas all the way to New York up to Salem, down to New Orleans, through New Mexico, LA and back. 10,000 miles in 2 months and we saw a lot. We also figured if we can survive that we could be together maybe. It was expensive though becoming a resident of the US and traveling and not working and living off savings. When we were on the road it was 2008 and all of a sudden my Australian Dollars halved in value, we were on the road so had no idea what was happening in the news so didn’t think to take my money out of the bank, I couldn’t work yet and Kenny was a musician and it got scary. We decided to start Basement3Productions once we decided I’d stay and Kenny would produce singer songwriters while we worked on our own music and I could help with figuring out business in America and the music industry which I knew nothing about.

We wrote many more songs, did many performances where my other characters and perhaps alter egos came to the rescue to take over for my shyness. We recorded another album of songs called Ghost Stories – as a lot of my songs just came out as that. Stories about people who had died. We had a band for a while but went back to a duo as it was easier and we are always writing new songs and recording them which is easy for us because it’s right here in our house. I love recording and creating songs that’s the best part. I get moved by a thought or an idea and I love having the means to express it. Where once I was never heard, I have a voice of my own and to hopefully speak for those that can’t, that’s what a lot of the Ghost Stories were about, the voices of those passed who never got to say what happened. I write songs about people’s lives and sometimes deaths. I was a lot more ‘into’ the whole romantic notions of death until my father passed away, then it all because way too ugly and real to be romantic anymore. I don’t think I’ll ever get over that, it will live with me forever and perhaps one day I’ll find some kind of peace about it all.

I write about abuse, from others and from self, I write about love and all the ways that plays out. I write about a feeling that is odd and strange and too hard to explain. I write about people’s lives and how their experiences feel real to me. I write about forgiveness, discomfort, shame and saddness, about joy and tears that come from happiness from the smallest kindness. I write like a child, I write like a jaded soul who has seen too much and has experienced more than I’d like to let on. I think I have a lot of stories in me from everything I’ve seen and experienced. I like to feel empathy for everyone I see. I love meeting new people, and share a moment that’s real and honest. I am everyone I see.

Sabiné Heusler-Schick

Song writer, story teller, vocals, guitar, banjo ukulele, ukulele, electric guitar & percussion
Having spent most of my life in the musical closet and a vast interest in the weirder things in life all the songs were bound to come out rather eclectic. I love story telling (something that started with my grandmother in Germany where I was born), tea parties, reading, taxidermy, bugs and crows. The songs start from a meeting of character and they tell me their story and become a song.

Kenny Schick

Producer and engineer, acoustic & electric guitar, vocals, saxophone, flute, bass guitar, keyboard, clarinet, banjo and all kinds of other assorted instruments and sounds
A seasoned professional musician and mulit-instrumentalist, session musician, recording engineer, producer and recording artist. Kenny also performs and writes his own solo music KENNY SCHICK and has 5 of his own albums and he’s been in countless bands of various genres and appeared on over 30 albums. He is also a professional photographer.¬† He owns Basement3Productions a recording studio specializing in singer songwriters and brings their music to life too.